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WATCH: Keep voting ANC, says Giyani entrepreneur

21 July, 02:52 PM

Surprise Rangane, a carwash owner from Giyani, Limpopo knows he will vote for the African National Congress (ANC) on Wednesday, 3 August.

Though Rangane does not have water and electricity at his home (yet) he says the ANC has noticeably improved the lives of Giyani's people.

Before the ANC, he says, "The tarred road was not here, the street lights on the main roads were not here.

"I might not have street lights near my house but I know my vote will contribute to installing them there."

Rangane opened his car washing business last year and has employed three people since it opened.

He says the ANC has a proven track record in Giyani and encouraged others to continue to support the party.

In the 2011 municipal elections the party won 81% of votes tallied. 

Watch the video for Rangane's views on the ANC.

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