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WATCH: Let me explain the Saxonwold shebeen, says Brian Molefe

04 November, 05:00 PM

Eskom CEO Brian Molefe elaborated on his comments about a rumoured Saxonwold shebeen on Friday, 4 November.

Molefe had the previous day responded to questions about cell phone records placing him in Saxonwold saying there was a shebeen in the area.

This was in reply to details in the Public Protector's report entitled 'State of Capture' which detailed Molefe's friendly relationship with the Gupta family.

The report included cell phone records placing him in the upmarket neighbourhood where the family lives on numerous occasions.

Molefe said the records might show he was in the neighbourhood but, in essence, proved nothing.

"I don’t know who gave her the records," said Molefe. "Who gave her the records?"

"I would have asked for an opportunity to interview the people that gave her the records," he added later.

The power utility CEO elaborated on his mention of a Saxonwold shebeen and defended his friendship with the Guptas.

He said was "just sharing" that information which was passed on to him by a colleague.

"There is a place in Saxonwold, it’s a shebeen, that he goes to on a Friday and a Saturday."

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