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WATCH: Man attempts to hijack speeding truck

30 January, 11:59 AM

A video has emerged of an attempted hijacking of a moving truck just before the Grayston Drive onramp in Johannesburg. Watch. 

According to a representative of the owners, the truck was followed by a Toyota Tazz with four occupants on the 22nd of January, and as it slowed down with the flow of traffic, one of the occupants jumped out of the vehicle and attempted to gain entry into the driver's cabin.

The truck driver increased his speed in an effort to dislodge the man, who was clinging onto the truck's side mirror.

What transpired next left both the owners of the empty truck, and the police, baffled as to the unarmed hijacker's true intentions.

The desperate assailant then clambers across the front of the speeding vehicle, gingerly making his way towards the passenger side of the cabin.

Unseen in the video, the driver had spotted a stationary police vehicle and as the hijacker made his way through the unlocked passenger door, the truck driver pulls over in front of the police. The police had, apparently, witnessed the entire sequence of unfolding events and they were quick to pounce on both the hijacker inside the truck and his three cohorts in the Toyota Tazz.

The four unarmed hijackers were later released without charge as, according to the logistics firm, the police said they did not find any weapons on the perpetrators nor their vehicle, and pointed to the truck being empty at the time.

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