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WATCH: Motorist ploughs BMW through group of pupils outside Joburg school

20 September, 12:18 PM

A motorist who ploughed through a group of pupils outside Allen Glen High School in Johannesburg on Tuesday is under investigation.

This, after a case of reckless and negligent driving was opened at the Honeydew police station.

"No arrests have been made so far, we need to first investigate the matter thoroughly to find out more about what happened that afternoon," police spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan told News24.

In a video clip doing the rounds on social media, the motorist drives a white BMW straight into a crowd of pupils gathered in the middle of the street.

According to Warren McKrill, chairman of the school governing body, the incident happened after school on Tuesday afternoon.

"We are not sure at this point what happened that caused the driver to behave in that manner; that is something the police are investigating. At this stage no injuries of any pupils were reported to us."

McKrill also said it was suggested on social media that matric pupils were celebrating "40 days" (40 days until their final exams).

However, he said: "This is not true. [There were] not only matric pupils outside the school. There were various grades of students who were outside at the time it happened and there are 32 days left till final exams, not 40."

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