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WATCH: Police applauded after chopper chase ends in arrest

29 October, 02:36 PM

South Africans have taken to social media to applaud the South African Police Service for a job well done.

This, after a video emerged of a police helicopter stopping traffic and apprehending a suspect on the N1 south in Johannesburg.

Alvin Govender, who shot the video, said he posted the video "to spread a positive message to the South African public."

Govender said he was driving from Pretoria when the incident happened.

"Helicopter stops us and lands on freeway. Police runs with a firearm into the bushes and returns 3 min later with a suspect," he wrote on the Facebook post. 

"Police arrests suspect and the guy returns to helicopter, waves at us and flies away. Like a movie."

"How's that for excellence in service? Well done!" he concluded.

Many more joined him in congratulating the police. Watch.

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