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WATCH: Footage shows stun grenade fired outside Gupta home

07 April, 06:02 PM

Sharlene Rood, News24

Police dispersed protesters outside the Gupta compound with a stun grenade late on Friday afternoon.

Tensions in Saxonwold flared when a group of anti-Zuma demonstrators clashed with members of the Black First Land First (BFLF) movement.

BFLF voiced their support for President Zuma and his cabinet reshuffle. A small group sang, danced and wielded knobkerries.

BFLF national spokespeople Zanele Lwana told media that the Guptas are not the enemy of black people.

“If white people are going to attack the Guptas we are going to defend them,” she said.

Meanwhile, anti-Zuma protesters were adamant the Gupta family should leave the country.

“Today we were downgraded again for a second time. It’s wrong!” one said.

Police separated the two groups with crime-scene tape and formed a human barrier between the groups.

They urged the gathering to disperse peacefully.

Crowds thinned shortly after the stun grenade was detonated.

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