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WATCH: Qwabe says, 'It isn't about the waitress, it's about whiteness'

10 May, 06:51 AM

Rhodes scholar Ntokozo Qwabe says donations worth over R100 000 for the waitron he and friends refused to tip proves a point about race and power.

Qwabe addressed journalists in Johannesburg on Monday afternoon.

His Facebook post detailing an encounter at Obz Café in late April prompted stories on the decision taken by him and friends to refuse a white waitron a tip.

Qwabe described the words written on the bill by Wandile Dlamini as "something so black, wonderful" in his description of events.

According to Qwabe's description Dlamini wrote, 'WE WILL GIVE [A] TIP WHEN YOU RETURN THE LAND.'

The waitron, Ashleigh Schultz, responded with "white tears" at receiving the annotated bill and a white male colleague then approached the table.

He described "breaking it down for this white man" and "drawing him to the political nature of the act" before chasing him back to his job. 

You can read Qwabe's full post here on News24.

Speaking about the incident Qwabe says, "The whole protest there was not about the waitress, it's about whiteness."

He also defended his actions as a member of the #RhodesMustFall movement at Oxford University, where he is a law student.

Watch above.

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