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WATCH: Reporter in Brussels describes attack aftermath

23 March, 09:00 AM

Two bomb blasts at Brussels airport and a busy metro station left 34 people dead and over 200 more injured.

Politico reporter Christopher Spillane, who worked in Johannesburg for three years, speaks to News24 Live from the newspaper's office.

Spillane works just metres from the station where a bomb was detonated on Tuesday, 22 March shortly after 09:00.

He also describes scenes at a nearby hospital, where 11 people were treated for minor injuries.

Belgian authorities have arrested two suspects who are brothers, while a third is on the run.

Watch Spillane's account of events in Brussels the day after the attack. He is in conversation with News24 Live's Erin Bates.

Click on the video above.

For Politico's live blog on the Brussels attacks click here.

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