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WATCH: SANParks sets record straight on Kruger Park impala 'theft' video

19 June, 02:36 PM

South African National Parks has reassured concerned members of the public that the events captured in a video circulating online, showing men loading a dead impala into an unmarked vehicle in the Kruger National Park, is "above board".

Concerned park goers Yvonne and Martin Breytenbach witnessed the incident on Saturday afternoon. 

According to the Breytenbachs' description of events, posted online, a leopard had abandoned its kill. While they awaited the leopard's return, "a group of people came and took the implala away in their car".

The comments section soon exploded, with users accusing the men of "stealing" the impala.

"My word, imagine stealing from a hard working leopard," one commenter said.

"Report them! This is outraging (sic)." another said.

SANParks on Tuesday quickly set the record straight. 

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Vet Wildlife Services Operations coordinator Noah Konaite explained that the men in the video were employees returning from lunch. 

According to Konaite, the employees received reports that the impala had been hit by a car.

Following protocol, the men dutifully lifted the dead animal into the vehicle for later observation.

Further examination showed the animal had, indeed, been hit by a vehicle and was "long dead".

"There was no leopard kill. As they engaged with the tourists, they were told it was hit by a leopard," Konaite said.

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