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WATCH: Security guard reunites owner with lost R2 000

05 April, 12:35 PM

Imagine withdrawing R2 000 from an automated teller machine (ATM) in South Africa and forgetting to take the money.

By the time you realise your mistake, your money would probably be long gone, right?

Not if Oscar Gumede, a Fidelity Security officer stationed at the Absa in The Bluff in KwaZulu-Natal, has any say in the matter. Watch.  

Tolla Oosthuizen (62) withdrew money from Absa Bluff at about 08:00 on Saturday, March 31, but he forgot to take the money from the ATM.

"I had my grandson with me, and he is very lively," said Oosthuizen. "I took my card from the ATM, but left without the money."

Oosthuizen only realised his mistake more than two hours later.

"I ran back to the ATM, tripped and scuffed my hands on the way."

Oosthuizen told News24 that there were quite a few people at the bank when he returned. Out of desperation he sat down next to Gumede and told him what had happened.

"He wanted to know which of the ATMs I used," said Oosthuizen.

When Oosthuizen showed him the machine, Gumede put his hands in his pocket and pulled out a wad of notes, which amounted to R2 000.

"He then said to me: 'Here’s your money sir'."

"I had to swallow the lump in my throat," Oosthuizen added.

"Honesty and integrity like this is difficult to find - it's truly heartening.

Oosthuizen offered Gumede a small reward to thank him for his honesty, but he wanted to do more than that. So he shared the story on social media.

"I wanted him to receive the recognition he deserves," he said.

Oosthuizen told News24 he hoped it would lead to a promotion for Gumede.

Many social media users implored Oosthuizen to notify both Absa and Fidelity Security.

Gumede has been employed at Fidelity Security for six years and works in the bank division.

Francois Bartmann, regional executive of the Fidelity Security Group told News24 that they would be hosting a small function for Gumede next week to thank him for his outstanding service.

"We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Oscar Gumede for his honesty and kindness. He has always been a very loyal, hardworking, friendly and trustworthy employee," said Bartmann.

"This action epitomises the character of the man."

A certificate of appreciation and a financial bonus will be handed to him at the event.

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