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WATCH: Snake caught comfortably sitting in bedroom corner

07 December, 12:36 PM

38-year-old Shamal Pandoy and his family from Avoca, in Durban, woke up on Sunday morning with no idea of what awaited them in their living room.

"We were together with my family when the family poodle started barking at the spot where the snake was. When we went to have a look, we discovered that there was a snake," Panboy told News24. 

The well-hidden snake was first discovered by his son under a sleeper couch in the living room.

"Initially when my son told me that there was a snake under the bed, we all assumed that it was going to be a small snake", said Pandoy.

Pandoy, who went through a level three First Aid training in venomous bites and snake bites, was able to identify the snake as a black mamba. This was later confirmed by his 12-year-old son, who initiated an online image search. 

"It was also a a shock to everybody at home because they had also just finished cleaning, and they were in and around that spot".

The family called experienced snake catcher Jason Arnold, whose wife Amy captured the snake removal on video.

The video shows Arnold use his snake hook to pull the snake from underneath the sleeper couch. 

"When they discovered it, they realised they needed help and phoned me straight away, but we don't know if the snake entered the house that day or the night before," said Arnold.

Rainfall experienced on Friday and Saturday evenings are considered to have been a contributing factor to the snake's migration. 

"Snakes normally get into houses to get shelter from heat, from cold and from rain. There is a natural river system that runs alongside the N2 freeway, and that is about half a kilometre from where the snake was," said Arnold.

"Maybe it originated from the river system and came into the developed area," he added. 


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