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WATCH: Statement t-shirts change the lives of women abuse victims

03 November, 12:14 PM

These t-shirts have a twist; they stand for a cause and change the lives of many abused women in South Africa.

When T-shirts for Change founder, Nicole Jowett, sold 10 t-shirts to her friends, something in her sparked an idea: 'why not donate R100 to charity with every t-shirt sold and make a change?'

And she did just that.

Having started her company in June 2017, Jowett says she wanted to print a feminist t-shirt to make a statement — literally and figuratively.

"A lot of gender-driven issues happened this year; with the #MeToo hashtag and violence against women in South Africa, it just raised my awareness around the cause of women rights particularly in South Africa," she said.

Jowett added that for her, donating proceeds of the t-shirt to the Frida Hartley Shelter for Destitute Women and Children is paving the way outside social media hashtags.

"It’s easy for us to state on social media that we care about something or to defend something on social media," she said.

"If I’m wearing a shirt that stands for something that I care about and someone asks me about my shirt I get to have a conversation with them and maybe even change their minds."

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