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WATCH: Stick-wielding protester whips at UCT student

20 September, 05:58 PM

Demonstrators set on disrupting classes and shutting down tuition at UCT came near to blows with final year law students on Tuesday.

A stick-wielding protester whipped the phone out of the hand of a student, followed by cries from those nearby.

Professor Elrena van der Spuy appeared retrieving a used fire extinguisher discharged by protesters, who stood on desks and threatened others.

Final year law students were waiting between lectures in the Leslie Social Science building on UCT's Upper Campus when a group of demonstrators moved inside.

According to reports a member of the law faculty was threatened after at least one protester grabbed a fire extinguisher from the wall.

"The protesters came in and made an announcement," said a final year student who was in the hall at the time.

"It's quite hard to know who was and wasn't a protester."

In this video, a hooded figure can be seen gesturing at an unknown student filming the group's entry. "I will not be victimised," says the disguised protester.

Later, a demonstrator can be heard threatening another student for filming events.

Although the university had originally announced classes would resume as usual on Tuesday, management later shut down the university for two days.

News24 could find no reports of injury from the disruption between law lectures. If you have any further information on this story let us know on Twitter.

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