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WATCH: Sunshine news replaces Hlaudi reports

09 June, 02:07 PM

Hlaudi Motsoeneng has taken "decisive" measures to shake-up the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). This includes promoting local music and television productions, ruling out the use of newspaper headlines and omitting protests from the news in an effort not to incite violence.

What are your thoughts?

The latest changes include omitting discussions about newspaper headlines - deemed "free publicity" for newspapers - and enforcing 90% of music on radio consist of works by local artists. Motsoeneng recently defended his approach in an interview on SAfm (see here). 

eTV has jumped at the opportunity to acquire rights to Disney films that will no longer air on SABC television.

Motsoeneng also told City Press he was contemplating uniforms for SABC staff. "The SABC is independent as an organisation, but no one is independent within the organisation," he said.

While some have praised the action by Motsoeneng which he himself described as an effort at nation building, others have interpreted several recent decisions about content as a ploy to quash dissent in an election year.

Let us know what you think.

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