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WATCH: Teen can't talk, but his singing brings joy at a Spar every day

22 August, 02:28 PM

Chante Schatz, News24

Every evening around 18:00, Brett Nash walks into his favourite Spar supermarket at Retail Crossing, Johannesburg, beaming with excitement. He wastes no time shouting "eita, eita!" at security guards and shoppers.

"It's like clockwork," says Tammy Nash, mother to the nonverbal 14-year-old.

"Almost every day at around 6pm we are there; he picks out his trolley and he is on his way, greeting everybody until he starts singing."

Brett is a differently abled teen who was born with a rare disease which, his mother says, has still not been properly diagnosed, even after countless visits to doctors and professors.

"We have since put it down to distal arthrogryposis, which is a joint and muscle disorder, but [it's not] an official diagnosis," she told News24.

Sing along

Despite his inability to speak, he finds joy in humming.

He has been visiting the Spar for almost five years.

"One staff member, I think it was Ayanda, picked up that he was humming the national anthem and she just started going along with it and eventually one or two more ladies would join in," Tammy said.

The national anthem is now sung around the tills daily. Almost all the staff and some shoppers join in and sing along with him.

Tammy recently recorded a video of their daily visit and posted it to Facebook. The video has since been viewed over 40 000 times.

"I always tell people about our visit to Spar and this time I really just wanted to share it with the community. The responses I had been receiving were really overwhelming."

His 18-year-old sister, Sarah Nash, says that the country could really learn something from her brother.

"Brett is someone that will always show love to anybody. I think if he can express that much love and that much kindness despite everything, we can too."

"It is a beautiful story, to say the least. It is humbling to see Brett's innocent exuberance every time he visits 'his' Spar," said company director Peter Arsalides.

"Our family has grown so fond with the staff. I never worry where he may be because I know he's, safe no matter where he goes in the store," Tammy said.

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