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WATCH: Thulsie twins in custody, hearing postponed

19 July, 02:20 PM

Twins Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie, 24, briefly appeared the Kagiso Magistrate's Court on Tuesday, 19 July.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) alleges the brothers unlawfully and intentionally conspired to commit the crime of terrorism, as their charge sheet reads.

It's claimed the brothers planned to plant explosives at a Mission of the United States of America and Jewish institutions in South Africa.

Their bail application was postponed until Monday, 25 July as they changed their legal counsel. They remain in custody.

Watch above for more.

According to a security analyst, quoted in the Pretoria News Weekend, the brothers' most likely motive for wanting to move to Syria was to join Da'esh, also known as ISIS.

Helmoed Heitman opined it was "absolute nonsense" the pair wanted to live in Syria simply because it was an Islamic country when it was in the throes of a protracted civil conflict.

He cited other Muslim countries, including Turkey and Iran, as alternatives if their intention had been to live in a country with an Islamic administration.

The South African arm of a human rights non-governmental organisation supporting the brothers, Cage Africa, has called for a fair trial.

Meanwhile, one of the brothers' sisters says her siblings are not terrorists, as alleged by the NPA.

Their mother, Wasiela Thulsie, attended court with family members on Tuesday. She was reportedly held at gunpoint when her house was raided by police.

One of the twins, who was living with her, was then arrested.

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