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WATCH: Twitter support pours in for Xolani Gwala

29 September, 01:08 PM

Xolani Gwala, Talk Radio 702’s Breakfast Show host, has revealed that he's been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer.

Gwala, who has been off air for the last few weeks, spoke to fellow host Stephen Grootes about his condition.

"I’m fine, as you can see, but I am living with something inside and it is massive," he told Grootes, who has been standing in for him.

"After thorough investigations, they found that I have colon cancer, which was advanced, quite advanced."

Gwala said he's already had surgery to remove a tumour from his large intestine and he’ll be starting chemotherapy as early as the next week. He may have to undergo more surgery later on.

"It is going to be a very long fight, partly because it was advanced," he said.

But Gwala’s ready for the fight.  

His oncologist, dr. Ormondi Ogude, lauded Gwalas’s strength.

"He has done amazingly well, he recovered [from the surgery] in record time. I think it’s testament to his strength and his level of fitness,” said Ogude.  He confirmed that the cancer had spread to Gwala’s liver.

Gwala said there was absolutely nothing wrong with him in April this year, when he ran the London marathon.

 “Suddenly you go to the doctors because you have fever and they do one or two tests and they say have cancer. And not just cancer, but advanced.”

He used the opportunity to raise awareness around the cost of cancer treatment and told Grootes that there is a need to start a drive similar to the Treatment Action Campaign for those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Gwala said he's doing okay under the circumstances. 

"I am fighting it and I am confident. I am surrounded by amazing people, the doctors have been incredible…but family, it’s just like number one. Family is at the center of this entire thing. It’s your family that makes you look positive."

"There is just so much to fight for".

"I’m not ready to die yet," the 42-year old said.

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