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WATCH: Video of Parkhurst street brawl goes viral

26 June, 05:22 PM

Chanté Schatz

Parkhurst's 4th Avenue restaurant strip turned into a fight club on Sunday when a group of young men brawled on the street just after 22:00.

"It was just a pile of chaos," said Jolly Cool owner, Alastair Bishop.

According to Bishop, the fight between two groups of men started in his restaurant. Bishop said he had no idea why the fight began.

"We managed to separate the guys involved by locking some of the guys in the back of the shop. Unfortunately, they went through our neighbour's premises into the streets and that's when everything happened," he said.

"Eventually the security company arrived to try and diffuse the situation, but they could not act as it was absolute chaos."

Bishop said there was no damage to his property.

"When you're operating a business such as this, you do tend to deal with drunk people. We do sell alcohol here and, sometimes, one thing leads to another. However, I have never experienced something like this on such a large scale," he said.

The video was recorded from across the road at The Jolly Roger pub.

Jolly Roger manager Jacques Breusegem said staff had managed to stop the fight from spilling into the establishment.

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