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WATCH: Voting on bread and butter issues

02 August, 11:35 AM

Tomorrow, South Africa's voters can determine their local representatives by voting in the 2016 municipal elections.

Many voters see their relationship with municipal politicians in pragmatic terms; do I have water, roadworks, access to transport and public services?

For instance, Giyani resident Surprise Rangane praised the African National Congress (ANC) for bringing better amenities to his area.

In a recent talk radio show discussion, one Mitchell's Plain resident told host Eusebius McKaiser the Democratic Alliance (DA) administration arranged workers who cleaned the neighbourhood of litter.

How does this system of patronage work?

Associate Professor of Political Studies Cherrel Africa says that voters tend to focus on bread and butter issues when it comes to municipal elections. After the season of canvassing votes-for-services, she says, broader questions of politics may then come into play.

Watch for more.

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