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'A white people's campaign' - Actors at Zuma Must Fall

27 April, 01:25 PM

Wim Pretorius and Thulani Gqirana, News24

Johannesburg – A paid actor took to the stage during a gathering in Johannesburg's Beyers Naude Square, calling the Zuma Must Fall movement 'a white people’s campaign', driven by those who do not like seeing black people flourish. 

The man claiming to be Mr. Nkandla told the 100 people gathered that he believed President Jacob Zuma should stay.

He labelled the growing calls for Zuma to step down as nothing but a white people’s campaign.

"Because some of these people don’t want to see us driving big fancy cars. They don’t want to see us in big houses like Nkandla," the unknown man said.

He said the instigators of these movements hated that black people were becoming bigger and good entrepreneurs and could drive in fancy cars and own businesses.

His views were met with disdain and jeers by the crowd.

Protesters told him the gathering was not about race, but about "a selfish man who did not think like a president". The gathering was organised by various organisations, including Right2Know, the People's Assembly, Azapo, and supported by opposition parties.

Ferrial Adam, one of the organizers of the event, said that it was a performance by a production theatre that asked if they could deal with some of the questions surrounding the matter.

“We thought we’d add to the mix, so we got people to do different things,” Adam said.

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