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Video raises concerns over animal testing

16 March, 05:10 PM

Animal testing for the purpose of cosmetics is an activity opposed by many pro-animal rights supporters. 

The internet is flooded by videos and images showing the cruel effects of animal testing on animals as well as the types of tests and experiments conducted on animals. These ranging from exposure to UV for the purpose of creating sunscreen to dietary supplements for quicker weight loss options for humans. 

Many people have been enraged over the lack of animal protection rights in 80 percent of the countries in the world. In scientific research, specifically, animals are exposed to harsh treatments and experiments that contravene animal rights and result in their death.

Cosmetics company, L'Oreal, which has been called out on social media for animal testing, has defended itself through taking users to its website which states its non-participation in animal testing. However, its relationship with China which conducts tests on animals, has users thinking differently about L'Oreals intention towards reducing product testing on animals.

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