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Find out why this man plans to paddle boat from CT to Rio de Janeiro

09 December, 05:10 PM

We are joined in studio by adventurer and activist, Davey du Plessis. Watch him tell us why he is planning to paddle boat from Cape Town to Rio. 

This isn't the first time du Plessis has taken off on an extreme adventure, he attempted to navigate the Amazon river in 2012, but was interrupted when he was attacked by two men in the jungles of Peru. He was shot four times during this trip, but managed to make his way to safety. He has also cycled from Egypt to South Africa.

"I'm not that adventurous," du Plessis tells us as he explains his adventures are a way for him to shine light on environmental and socio-economic issues.

"I don't have a positive message to share," he says, as he explains why he's paddle boating from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This trip is to highlight mass extinction, he says we are living in the sixth mass extinction, and for the first time ever, one species is driving the extinction of others. Find out more in the video above.

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