100 birds killed after flying into car

2012-10-01 16:04

Vienna - A mass collision between a flock of starlings and a car on a stretch of Austrian expressway has left up to 100 of the birds dead and the driver shaken but unhurt.

The Austria Press Agency says the birds suddenly flew from power lines above the multi-lane highway in western Austria downward and directly into the path of the car.

The report did not say how fast the car was traveling Monday, but the speed limit on Austria's autobahns is usually 130km/h.

The car sustained numerous dents. Cleanup crews quickly removed the dead birds.

  • NeoAcheron - 2012-10-01 17:12

    Anyone remember "The Core"? lol, perhaps it might actually be the end of it all :-P

  • gngaleka - 2012-10-01 18:33


  • RaveWolf1 - 2012-10-01 19:19

    Great!! and I just watched "The Core" a few days ago. Has the Earths Core stopped spinning?

  • mpho.c.moreki - 2012-10-01 21:31

    Hayi come on guys.Is this story worth reporting about?

      jomardl - 2012-10-01 22:06

      more interesting than what Kate was wearing or anything laday gaga says...

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