2 wounded during shooting at US school

2013-01-10 20:47

Los Angeles - Two people were shot on Thursday in a high school in California and a gunman was in custody, an official in the local sheriff's office told AFP.

"We have two victims and the shooter has been taken into custody," the official said about the shooting at Taft Union High School in the town of Taft north of Los Angeles, declining to say if the victims were dead or injured.

Sky news reported that one victim suffered only minor injuries while the other was being transported to hospital.

  • cemslie - 2013-01-10 21:00

    What the heck is going on in the US of A???

      simphiwe.charlie.5 - 2013-01-10 21:13

      Simple, they think guns are a good idea and lots of them are crazy.

      moriri.mosweu - 2013-01-10 21:15

      Hollywood is imploding

  • belnick - 2013-01-10 21:26

    There this evil circle shows up again,crazy copy cats of same category,To many crazy games and flicks!

  • fidel.uncensored - 2013-01-10 21:28

    The US has become a giant violent video game!

      marina.poniatowska - 2013-01-10 21:47

      Yes, because South Africa is a safe haven with no violent crimes.

      rude.awakning - 2013-01-10 22:11

      they manage to drastically reduce driveby shootings and they are now working on walk in shootings.

      fidel.uncensored - 2013-01-10 22:14

      Yes, but you're a fool so you misapplying an argument does not invalidate the sensible application of a simile for the evaluation of American violence.

  • anakin.skyvader.9 - 2013-01-10 21:35

    The 5 Deadliest Guns You Can Buy Online [USA] — Legally: "Background checks are required at gun stores. But did you know that in most states you can buy a gun online legally without a background check? That’s right folks, anyone can legally buy a gun on the Internet without a background check. The online loophole is one of the most outrageous and dangerous in our society. A convicted murderer can log on and load up."

      tgenov - 2013-01-10 22:19

      Indeed you can buy it online. That is order it and pay for it, but you can't collect it. The guns bough online are shipped to an FFL dealer (google FFL) where the background check happens - as if you bought the gun in the store. Not quite the click-and-DHL-to-your-door you are imagining it to be...

      anakin.skyvader.9 - 2013-01-11 14:06

      @tgenov: "Unlicensed private sellers, who conduct their business in the online market, account for 40 percent of U.S. gun sales. And a New York City investigation found that 62 percent of private dealers sold guns over the Internet to buyers who would not have passed a background check". Rossen Reports: Anyone can buy guns, no questions asked: Quotes: [ from link above ] 1. " ‘A bazaar for criminals’ NBC News hired Steve Barborini, a former supervisor for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, to help with our investigation. Barborini said that the online sales loophole permits what he called “a weapons bazaar for criminals. There’s no background check: Anybody that has a murder conviction can simply log on, email someone, meet ’em in a parking lot, and buy a freaking AK-47.” 2. "Within 12 hours, we bought eight dangerous guns – even a 50-caliber weapon so powerful it could take down a helicopter. Remember, at gun stores, background checks are required, but online – nothing. Believe it or not, in most states it’s completely legal".

  • patricia.hattingh.75 - 2013-01-10 21:46

    Guns in American schools, knives in South African schools!!!!

  • rude.awakning - 2013-01-10 22:04

    it would be interesting to know what religion, if any, the shooter follows! Speedy recovery to the victims! Thank goodness it wasnt fatal!

      lacrimose.wolf - 2013-01-10 22:22

      For the most part, these people see guns as their religion. The psychology is not that different from what we have here in ZA - destroy what you don't understand, kill anyone who disagrees with you (or looks at you funny), and if you are p'ing me off on the road, hey I'll jeopardise my life, your life and anyone else who dares to get in my way. In a nutshell, a completely dissociative personality disorder. There are many causes and many sub-categories that result - psychopath, sociopath, bi-polar, schizophrenic, obsessive-compulsive, etc. USA is streets ahead on treating personality disorders, we can't even get new-born babies out of hospital alive.

      fidel.uncensored - 2013-01-10 22:47

      Why do people think discussions about US gun violence always require a commitment to parity, like some absurd version of political debates on TV? "USA is streets ahead on treating personality disorders," Actually these mental disorders are being deliberately manufactured by the bogus scientists in the fields of Psychiatry who work with big pharma to prescribe all kinds of a happy drugs, resulting in Ritalin-addled boys. These drugs produce ferocious depressions accompanied by inability to sleep, anger, and irrationality. We’re talking serious psychosis in a bottle. In 2010, with over $24 billion in sales ($16 billion in 2008), antipsychotics became the single top-selling therapeutic class of prescription drugs in the United States, surpassing drugs used to treat high cholesterol and acid reflux. Americans with symptoms ranging from chronic depression to anxiety to insomnia are now being prescribed anti-psychotics at rates that seem to indicate a national mass psychosis.

      rude.awakning - 2013-01-11 06:31

      wolf, that must be the newest religion/cult. Is it called ''gun'ism''? and its followers are known as.......''deranged lone gunmen''? Still would like to know the religion!

      rude.awakning - 2013-01-11 06:56

      wolf, whats the use that we get new borns alive out of hospitals only to get shot dead in schools! And please note that no one is blaming the president, police or the government! Nor are the playing the race card!

  • rude.awakning - 2013-01-11 06:50

    this 16yr old walks into school with a SHOTGUN and 20 rounds in his pocket! And NO one spotted him? A large number of US schools have metal detectors at the entrances! How did this happen yet again? Who's gun is it? Why was it not locked away and safely secured? Charge the gun owner with the same crime/s commited with this weapon! This crap has to stop!

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