22 000 displaced by Myanmar unrest

2012-10-28 08:11

Yangon - More than 22 000 people from mainly Muslim communities have been displaced by fresh unrest in western Myanmar that has killed dozens and seen whole neighbourhoods razed, the UN said on Sunday.

"The latest figures we have is 22 587 people have been displaced and we have about 4 665 houses that have been destroyed... according to government estimates provided to the UN," United Nations chief in Yangon Ashok Nigam told AFP.

  • steele.oyle - 2012-10-28 08:51

    If muslims were committing these atrocities can you imagine the response from islamophobes on news24.

      alex.nkosi.39 - 2012-10-28 09:21

      Yeh,mr oyle, the so-called international community is exactly a punch of hypocrites which are unsuitable for governing the world, everyday we watch how mynamar regime commits these atrocities against muslims,even the so-called human rights groups kept silent on what is going on the ground in mynamar, shame on you hypocrites.

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