23 wedding guests die in Pakistan bus crash

2012-06-04 08:07

Islamabad - At least 23 Pakistani wedding guests, including six children, were killed when a bus plunged into a ravine near the capital Islamabad, police said on Monday.

Sixty people were injured when the driver lost control of the vehicle late Sunday at a sharp bend near Narr village, around 25km east of Islamabad.

The bus was carrying 97 people to Chakwal district, 100km south of the capital, after a wedding. The bus was accompanying the bride and groom, who were travelling in a separate vehicle.

"At least 23 people, including six children and as many women, were killed and 60 others injured when a bus fell into a ravine," police official Jawad Tariq told AFP.

The accident happened at 22:30 on Sunday. The driver lost control at a sharp bend in the road, Tariq said.

Pakistan has one of the world's worst records for fatal traffic accidents, blamed on poor roads, badly maintained vehicles and reckless driving.

  • Abdul - 2012-06-04 08:17

    Not just in SA but worldwide, seems like road deaths increasing. Most drivers think that a licenec to drive is a licence to behave as we please. We do forget that there are rules to obey. Take a look at horrid driving on "GOTCHA' at fatalmovesdotcom

  • Thoka - 2012-06-04 08:40

    it must be SAroadlink business associates

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