2nd woman alleges assault by IMF chief

2011-05-16 16:34

Paris - The lawyer for a woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Dominique Strauss-Kahn nine years ago says she wants to file a legal complaint against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief.

Lawyer David Koubbi says Tristane Banon did not file suit earlier due to "pressures" she face over the alleged 2002 sexual assault by Strauss-Kahn and was dissuaded by her own mother, a regional Socialist official.

The IMF chief - a possible Socialist contender in France's 2012 presidential race - is in custody in New York after being accused of a weekend sexual assault against a hotel maid.

Koubbi told RTL radio on Monday he is likely to file suit for Banon now because "she knows she'll be heard and she knows she'll be taken seriously".

  • Gore - 2011-05-16 16:55

    My word, this man is gone!!!!!!!! This "she says", "he says" case, the "she says" will win.

  • Gorilla - 2011-05-16 16:57

    9 years ago?? - Oh come on.

      Barry - 2011-05-17 13:56

      Why 9 years later She is a moneygrabber and also wants a slice of the cake

  • Justinpassin - 2011-05-16 17:37

    How many more females or males will jump onto this bandwagon hoping for a moment out of their obscurity?.

  • John - 2011-05-16 19:32

    Please people. This is political black-mail.

  • stephen scott - 2011-05-17 07:30

    This won't end his political career in France, it will help it.

  • wmutahi - 2011-05-17 08:09

    Dirty old man?, where there's smoke there's fire.

  • jdeeathome - 2011-05-17 09:45

    lets all jump on the band wagon now, i must go see my lawyer because 12 years ago Mr kahn sexually assualted the tooth fairy, get real man if you did nothing 9 years ago then why now are you coming forward.

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