3 Americans convicted in CIA kidnapping

2013-02-01 22:02

Milan - A Milan appeals court has convicted a former CIA station chief in Rome and two other Americans in the 2003 rendition kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric.

The court on Friday sentenced former CIA station chief Jeff Castelli to seven years, and handed sentences of six years each to Ameircans Betnie Madero and Ralph Russomando.

All three had been acquitted in the first trial due to diplomatic immunity.

Italy's highest court last year upheld the convictions of 23 more Americans in the abduction of an Egyptian terror suspect from a Milan street as part of the CIA's extraordinary rendition programme.

The appeals process for Castelli and the other two was separated for technical reasons.

  • fidel.uncensored - 2013-02-02 07:38

    If any small developing country was abducting non-nationals , torturing them, detaining them for years without trial and illegally invading their countries, that country would be treated as a pariah state.

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