3 Palestinians shot, Israel soldier stabbed

2012-03-27 13:03

Ramallah - An Israeli soldier was stabbed and three Palestinians were shot during a confrontation near the West Bank town of Ramallah overnight, sources on both sides said.

The soldier was lightly wounded in the incident but the condition of the three Palestinians was not immediately clear, the Israeli army said.

Palestinian witnesses and security sources said the three men, Rashad Deeb and his brothers Akram and Anwar, were injured during an incident in Rammun village, 10km northeast of Ramallah.

They said the men had heard someone moving around during the night and had gone out to confront a group they believed were thieves.

But the "thieves" turned out to be Israeli soldiers working undercover, who were dressed to look like Palestinians and opened fire after one of the Palestinians attacked them with a knife, they said.

"The Israeli army shot at my husband and his brothers Akram and Anwar," the wife of Rashad Deeb said.


"I saw my husband was hurt but I don't know if Akram and Anwar were hurt too. The army took the three of them," she said.

The army confirmed the incident but did not say whether or not the soldiers were working undercover.

"Soldiers were carrying out a routine operation near Ramallah, when one of them was attacked and wounded by a Palestinian wielding a knife," a spokesperson said.

"His comrades responded by opening fire, wounding three Palestinians," she adding, saying all of them had been taken to hospitals in Israel.

"The circumstances of the whole incident are being investigated."

  • Bradley - 2012-03-27 13:13

    Can't wait for the anti-Semite comments....

      Fidel - 2012-03-27 13:45

      "Abracadabra" might have served as well, for the term "anti-Semite" is patently absurd in relation to people who are demonstrably not Semites and whose Law commands the extirpation of Semites (the Arab peoples of Palestine). An "anti-Semite" is no longer someone who hates Jews, but someone the Talmudic Jews hate.

      Ricardo - 2012-03-27 15:57

      Cant wait for the Semite investigation outcome...

  • Muhammad - 2012-03-27 14:41

    Investigation report will say 3 terrorist captured by hero soldier who got stabbed in the assualt. What a load off bull. How about the report saying invading undercover soldier got mistaken for a thief and when confronted he opened fire on civillians

  • Martin - 2012-04-03 00:06

    The terrorist Israelis continue to massacre the Palestinians unrelentingly. Take a look at the UN Resolutions that Israel has failed to comply with, then ask yourself, who is the biggest threat to peace in the middle east. Resolution 242, 471, 515, 592........

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