3 dead in Pakistan police station attack

2012-02-24 09:07

Peshawar - Suicide bombers armed with assault rifles and grenades attacked a police station in the northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar early on Friday, killing three officers in an assault authorities said was likely in revenge for offensives against nearby strongholds.

The attack was the latest in a spasm of violence in or close to Peshawar, showing that local militants retain the capacity to strike. The army has claimed success in its fight against militants behind five years of violence in the country, but the insurgents have proved resilient.

Peshawar has been a frequent target of militant attacks over the last few years, but most have been bomb blasts, not co-ordinated assaults in the centre of the city such as Friday's attack.

City police chief Imtiaz Altaf said three militants entered the compound after attacking the main gate, then blew themselves up when police returned fire, he said.

"They wanted to occupy this police station, but they failed," he told reporters

He said the attack was likely in revenge for ongoing military offensives in the region.

On Thursday, a car bomb killed 12 people at an outdoor minibus terminal in Peshawar.