9/11 mastermind in camouflage for court

2012-10-17 21:48

Guantanamo Bay - With a judge's permission, the self-styled mastermind of the 9/11 attacks is wearing camouflage at his Guantanamo military tribunal.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed sported a camouflage vest over a white tunic on Wednesday as he sat at his defence table in a heavily guarded courtroom on the US base in Cuba.

Mohammed and one other defendant attended the pre-trial motions hearing. Three defendants chose to stay in their cells. The five are charged with planning and aiding the worst terrorist attack on US soil.

His lawyers said previously that Mohammed considers himself a prisoner of war and wanted to wear clothing similar to what he wore as a mujahedeen fighter. The judge in his terrorism trial ruled on Tuesday he could wear camouflage. The prison commander had previously forbidden it.

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-10-17 23:06

    Next week he will want to wear a suicide jacket, let him wear that to court too.

      grant.hide - 2012-10-18 00:05

      2500 people died that day, was a sad day. But the USA version of events has a slight problem with the way its holding its water. To me it looks like a shotgun blasted bucket of a story, totally see through and not holding any water at all. Does this mastermind have a fully loaded kfc Bank account? Who gained from this is the answer.

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