Abbas: Europe must back Palestine

2011-10-06 15:44

Strasbourg - Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas called on Europe to back the "Palestinian spring" by supporting his government's bid to win a place at the United Nations.

"Today we are at the heart of the Arab spring: we say that the hour of the Palestinian spring has struck," he said in a speech to the parliamentary assembly of the 47-nation Council of Europe.

"You supported the Arab spring which was seeking democracy and freedom," he said.

"Now the Palestinian spring has arrived, asking for freedom and an end to the (Israeli) occupation.

"We deserve your support."

Abbas hailed the assembly's decision on Tuesday to grant "Partner for Democracy Status" to the Palestinian National Council, the legislative arm of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

Recognising Israel’s right to exist

The status will enable the PNC to participate in the Europe assembly's proceedings, without voting rights.

In return the parliamentary assembly will monitor Palestinian moves in several areas, including "refraining from violence, rejecting terrorism (and) recognising the right of Israel to exist".

Abbas last month made an application to the UN seeking full membership status, a move the United States has vowed to block.

Abbas said that "by submitting this request, we are not seeking to isolate Israel or delegitimise it."

"Though there were many attempts at provocation by the Israeli side, we will not let them drive us to extremism, we will not go that way."

The Palestinian leader again stressed that a halt to Israeli settlement activity was essential for resuming the peace process, and slammed demands by Benjamin Netanyahu's government for Israel to be recognised as the state of the Jewish people.

‘An unacceptable precondition’

"What makes things more complicated is the fact that the Netanyahu government is insisting on laying down new and impossible conditions which have no basis in the terms of reference for peace or the resolutions adopted under international law," he said.

"The demand that the Palestinians recognise Israel as a 'Jewish' state is an unacceptable precondition, because there is a danger that it will turn the conflict raging in our region into a destructive religious conflict," he warned.

"Faced with the increasing suffering of our people under the occupation" and stalemate in negotiations with Israel, "our only alternative has been to turn to the international community and call on it to take action to open up new horizons for the peace process, through recognition of the state of Palestine, on the basis of the 4 June 1967 borders, and accept its accession as a full member of the United Nations," he said.

  • EnglishBoer - 2011-10-06 16:06

    Whatever. Israel will still kick your arses.

      jowza - 2011-10-06 16:12

      is it

      soofie habib - 2011-10-06 16:22

      Abbas, Palestinians and Jehad propaganda must stop their nonsense and leave Israel alone! There is stacks of land for them in Arab countries

      willieman - 2011-10-07 13:07

      Q soofie habib,what informs your statement about propaganda,Israel can do the same in any case it has been doing that with the help of big brother

  • Zee - 2011-10-06 16:32

    Well said Mr Abbas - clearly stating the facts.

  • Ricardo - 2011-10-06 18:01

    ‘An unacceptable precondition’ Please read the following link:

      BABaracus - 2011-10-06 18:08

      What a complete load of rubbish

      Ricardo - 2011-10-06 18:11

      and whys that?

      BABaracus - 2011-10-06 18:19

      Ricardo the biggest problem with all of you Jew-haters is that you will not accept the state of Israel, with its Jewish majority, as a fact, even though it exists. You allegedly want both things - a "free" Palestine (implying a separate state), but you also want to have a state where the palestinians are part of Israel (hence you confuse Israel's protective borders with some kind of separation of palestinians from what is righfully theirs - hence your false labelling of Israel as an aprtheid state. But you can't have both. Either you must have a palestinian state, or one state. If you have one state, Jews will immediately cease to be the majority and become a minority in another arab state. Look at any arab state and see what becomes of Jewish people in such a scenario. Therefore Israel will never accept that palestine becomes part of it, as it will mean the end of its existence as a Jewish state. Therefore Israel seeks a 2 party solution, and so demands that the paelstinians recognize its right to exist as a Jewish state. But the arabs do not seem to be able to accept this. They want the end of Israel. So how can there be peace when all you seek is the destruction of Israel? It is actually very simple.

      BABaracus - 2011-10-06 18:27

      The whole article you referred to was an argument for the deligitmacy of Jews as a people, and for Israel as a Jewish state. And then you wonder why negotiations fail? I mean what do you expect Israel to do? Say - yes, you are right, our Jewish inhabitants aren't really Jewish, and Israel as a Jewish state has no right to exist? Here - welcome in and let the second holocaust begin? And that is the nub of the problem. You want our destruction and we don't want to die.

  • Libertador - 2011-10-06 20:09

    The stupid moderator has been busy at work deleting posts which are critical again of that zionist montrosity.

  • Monacoroyals - 2011-10-07 07:46

    If you back peace – then Europe will back you. However, delegitimization of Israel with the eventual goal of another war - and Europe will show the middle finger again.

      Cynical_BStd - 2011-10-07 09:35

      Reality is that no Western country supports Palestine (Europe, Australia, USA) - power balance is however shifting with Europe begging China for a bailout, Russia re-emarging as a power and Turkey is looking Eastwards rather than Westwards, Palestine must hang in there for a few years more and they will have their freedom

      BrassCopper - 2011-10-07 11:28

      Cynical Freedom from what? They want occupation to end - however refuse to lay down their arms. Buying time to get stronger… When they choose peace rather than violence then they will be free. Freedom is in their hands – but they refuse to accept Israel. The only thing the future will bring is more pressure on Israel - the more Israel is pushed towards the wall, the more they will push back. If Israel is ever pushed too far, even I will feel sorry for the Palestinians – for there will be no more Palestinians left. I will go further to say that millions will die as the Middle East becomes uninhabitable for 3000 years due to nuclear waste. The future is bleak for the religion of peace is not one of cooperation & compromise.

      Barry - 2011-10-31 17:59

      @BrassCopper..Freedom from the persecution of apartheid Israel and its people. Its a no brainer.

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