Abbas says may end unity with Hamas

2014-09-07 14:32

Ramallah - Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has threatened to break off a unity agreement with Hamas if the Islamist movement does not allow the government to operate properly in the Gaza Strip.

"We won't accept a partnership with [Hamas] if the situation continues like this in Gaza where there is a shadow government of 27 deputy ministers who are running the territory," Abbas said on arrival in Cairo late on Saturday, in remarks published by official Palestinian news agency WAFA.

  • Enig Ma - 2014-09-07 14:36

    Please do so Mr. Abbas. Dissociating yourself from any group pursuing a racist, oppressive islamist state will improve your credibility!

  • shiney.alexandergeorge - 2014-09-07 15:00

    Would be a very sensible decision if it happens.

  • Phillip Marchant - 2014-09-07 15:21

    Wait! PLEASE wait, Mr Abbas! There must be a misunderstanding, here! Hamas don't really want to rule Palestine and Israel - it only LOOKS that way. They are not a terrorist group who just want power all for themselves, they are a benign bunch of humane liberation fighters, who only pitch their rocket bases in civilian enclave so that they can hold up the bloodied bodies of your innocent Palestinian children for effect! They don't really LIKE doing it, do they? And, and when they shot dead 18 of your people under the ruse that they were Israeli 'collaborators', it was only to snatch the world's attention back on to themselves, after it momentarily slipped over to ISIS, when they beheaded an Americana counter-revolutionary journalist, intent to discredit and overthrow the wonderful religion of peace that you both serve. It's all Israel's fault again, for insisting on retaliating when they are attacked by righteous rockets - it's so unfair! Don't they understand that all the benevolent Hamas want to do is to kill just enough of them, so that they will vacate their country? Some people are just so unreasonable, hey. I think we should organize another big march in Cape Town again, by all of those wise people who can really understand what is going on. I mean, just because Hamas wants to kill a few Israeli's, what reason is that for these violent jews to protect themselves? I just don't understand it...

      Mhlts Petrus - 2014-09-07 23:12

      U a right n Y now the US want to protect iragis from IS?y ddnt they protect civilian gazans from israel aggression?this world is full of hot head leaders.

  • Taro Van Rooyen - 2014-09-07 17:17

    Why in Gods name did he partner in the first place

  • Mark Russell - 2014-09-08 04:13

    Having shadow governments is always dangerous and can only result in fractured functioning which is not of any use to the Palestinian people. My worry is how will hammas react to this seeing as though they are the military segment is Palestine and don't have any credible opposition force to keep them in check in Palestine.

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