Afghanistan building attack leaves 5 dead

2012-01-10 11:34

Kabul - A group of insurgents tried to storm a government building in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, setting off a gunfight that killed at least five people, police said.

General Dawlat Khan Zadran, police chief of Paktika province, said four insurgents attempted to take over a government building in Sharan, the capital of Paktika province, about 160km south of Kabul.

Three attackers and two policemen were killed in the ensuing fire fight, Zadran said. Officers were still exchanging fire with the fourth guerrilla.

Paktika province borders Pakistan and is one of the main routes for Taliban fighters infiltrating into eastern Afghanistan from their sanctuaries across the border.

It is also one of the main strongholds of the al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani network which has taken credit for a series of spectacular attacks, including suicide bombings inside Kabul.

  • Sharkshoot - 2012-01-10 14:36

    In nearly 90% of insurgent attacks it almost always take Afghan government forces hours to kill or capture their attackers. I already have a clear vision of how easy the Taliban will take back Afghanistan after the last American soldier has left the country.

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