Afghans rescue 41 child suicide bombers

2012-02-20 17:33

Kabul - The Afghan government said on Monday that police had rescued 41 children from becoming suicide bombers as they were about to be smuggled across the mountains into Pakistan.

Interior ministry spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi told a news conference that the children aged six to 11 had been released on February 15 from the clutches of four insurgents in eastern Kunar province.

He told AFP their families "were fooled by terrorists", who promised to send them to seminaries in Pakistan where they would be "brainwashed" and "prepared for suicide bombings against Afghan and international troops in Afghanistan".

Police arrested the four suspects and the children were returned to their families, the spokesperson said.

The Afghan government has accused madrassas in Pakistan of teaching violent extremism and sponsoring Islamist violence, a legacy of Afghanistan's 1979-89 US and Pakistani-sponsored mujahideen uprising against Soviet troops.

On February 12, Afghan authorities announced the arrest of two 10-year-old would-be suicide bombers allegedly planning to attack Afghan and international forces in the southern province of Kandahar, the Taliban's birthplace.

They had been reportedly released last August, along with 18 other children, after receiving a pardon from Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

The Taliban, which is leading a 10-year insurgency against Karzai's government and 130 000 US-led foreign troops, have reportedly used children and teenagers to conduct attacks on security forces.

  • MagdaKus - 2012-02-20 17:43

    Just as one thinks fanatics cannot get any more sick & insane!!!!!!

      Fred - 2012-02-20 19:20

      Jack, no. That's Fundamentalist Muslims for you, distinct from the truer Muslim religion.

      Fred - 2012-02-21 03:55

      Patrick, you're being a BIG pseudo-victim again. It has everything to do with religion. Al-Quaeda and the Taliban are trying to hijack Islam for their own twisted agendas, that would see the world return to the Dark Ages and beyond.

  • ISO - 2012-02-20 19:01

    Blerrie cowards! using kids and then they call themselves holy!

  • Hoosen Essa - 2012-02-20 19:15

    Jack, catholic priests are known for having sex with small boys, silly pedophiles. thats christians for you!!!!

      Fred - 2012-02-20 19:23

      This helps how?

      Fred - 2012-02-21 03:56

      I almost agree with you Patrick, although I think your thought is extreme. There are many good things about religion. For me religion is mostly negative though. To this extent I agree with you.

  • Fred - 2012-02-20 19:23

    This is the movement being enabled by too many, by opposing, undermining, weakening the efforts of the freer world to bring it to an end, to oppose it, call it for what it is: fanatical, cruel barbarism.

  • Hoosen Essa - 2012-02-20 20:13

    based on pasts debates,if i just told Jack not to attach a stigma to a religion, his response would be worse than his 1st comment, this way he comprehends the message, its elaborate and straight to the point.

  • Fawzia - 2012-02-20 22:21

    Hi Jack I am a old disabled muslim female and i have never manipulated anyone so please do not generalise.It is obvious from your comment your ignorance precedes you. So with the Swede who killed all those innocent people a couple of months ago make all christians of the 38000 denominations (google figures) worldwide make all christians terrorists? think & think clearly & rationally.

      Kevin - 2012-02-22 01:23

      Shame on you people!! I am Christian man.. Jesus is the Lord of Peace!! and Never condone the bad conduct of anyone that says they are Christian!! just because you say you are Christian or wear the cloth does not mean you are!! Jesus said Mark:9:42: "And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea. NO TRUE CHRISTIAN WOULD EVER DO THIS.. only the person that says he is Christian, but that person is not !!

      Michael - 2012-02-22 10:28

      although i agree with the factual content of your statement.. (the majority of muslims are peaceful people) why don't we hear more from the muslims and their religious leaders crying out against this violence. when it was found that the catholics preachers abused so many children, they were all but lynched. whenever a christian commits any kind of violence they're held to the fullest extent of laws. but when a muslim commits an honor killing because his daughters were acting too American, or a wife is beaten because she wouldn't submit to her husband... why don't we hear the outcry? instead it's labeled as an isolated incident and swept under a rug. instead Sharia Law is being forced on european communities and entire muslim conclaves are being established in the US where laws that oppress women and criminalize innocence are enforced privately until they can become laws sponsored by govt. how is it that Islam calls itself a peaceful religion when the Quran chapters of war supercede and cancel out the chapter of peace? What less could we expect when Europeans and Americans turn to islam and they're constantly told how the west is the Great Satan and that to die for Islam gives them a free pass to heaven with a crud load of virgins. it's the greatest propoganda tool. a sweet dream with no evidence and all you have to do is kill as many infidels as you can.

  • Fawzia - 2012-02-20 22:27

    Hi Patrick. the human element introduced into the equation of religion is flawed, not the religion.The Creator of The Universe is perfect, but humans do not follow His Decrees. humans twist & manipulate to suit their own agendas in the guise of following & luring the innocent unsuspecting & ignorant individuals.

      Fred - 2012-02-21 04:00

      Hi Fawzia. Religion is chauvinistic, unfortunately. As a woman I feel sure you've encountered this painful, hurtful phenomenon. There's also a female expression of the Divine, which religion, other than the Hindu religion, negates. Awful that it does this, such a loss to humanity.

  • Anthony - 2012-02-21 18:14

    Just propaganda. Islam is a religion of peace don't you know.

      Carol - 2012-02-22 02:13

      not true, they will cut your head off if you refuse to be one of them........never peaceful in the true meaning of the word peace.....we know better than that......we are not stupid....

      Andrew - 2012-02-22 06:18

      Carol; I think that Anthony was being sarcastic. Personnalhy I beleive Islam is the religion of Satan; and in this case cowards too.

      Fred - 2012-02-22 06:41

      It's improtant to differentiate between Islamic fundamentalism and the truer Muslim religion

  • Paul - 2012-02-21 19:01

    Thats Pakistan for you

      Paul - 2012-02-21 19:05

      Saudi influence in Pakistan has been a disaster.As a christian i was not taught to hate other religions.Can you say the same in Saudi Pakistan or Iran?

      Fred - 2012-02-22 06:42

      Yes, among the truer Muslims, not the Islamic fundamentalists

  • stella.szollosy - 2012-02-21 23:37

    Sounds pretty much what Obama and his pirates are doing to America through "brainwashing tactics".....

  • denise.hamstead - 2012-02-22 00:25

    To all who are attributing blame to religion - all religions have their bad apples but most adherents are good people who do much good in the world. These people are extremists who are self-justifying in the name of religion.

      Fred - 2012-02-22 01:36

      I agree with you Denise, especially that religious people are generally good. The thing that I don't like is the guilt and fear that religion engrains in these good people, which is anti the Divine. Humanity is fearful, guilt ridden, depressed as a result, so much less than it could be.

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