Alps shooting survivor, 4, IDs family

2012-09-07 22:21

Annecy - The 4-year-old girl who survived a shooting in the French Alps has confirmed the identity of her father, mother and grandmother killed in the attack, the prosecutor in charge of the case said on Friday.

Zeena al-Hilli would not be able to provide further assistance in the probe into Wednesday's shooting which also killed a passing cyclist and will be returned to England soon, Eric Maillaud told a press conference here.

Maillaud said he did not know when he would be able to talk to Zeena's 7-year-old sister Zainab, who is in hospital in Grenoble after receiving a bullet wound in the shoulder and a fractured skull in Wednesday's attack.

"She is still under medical protection. The doctors have absolutely not given a green light for her to be interviewed.

"If and when they do it will happen in the presence of British diplomats."

  • lskosana3 - 2012-09-07 22:38

    Are they crazy???? How can they put a FOUR-YEAR-OLD through so much trauma??? I'm sure they could have come up with other ways of identifying the family than making a small child look at the dead bodies of people she adored!! That little angel is probably now scarred for life, my goodness the world has gone mad!

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