Apology wanted over BBC 'idiot' comment

2011-09-29 16:24

Brussels - The European Commission on Thursday demanded a formal apology after its eurozone crisis spokesperson walked off a BBC news show after being called an "idiot" repeatedly by a fellow guest.

"The basis for all work and certainly of our approach to the media is respect and professionalism - which was not respected in this case," senior commission spokesperson Pia Ahrenkilde told a news briefing in Brussels.

"Obviously we are waiting for those concerned to transmit their apologies," she said, saying so far only "oral" regret had been conveyed.

Speaking by video link from Brussels, EU economic affairs spokesperson Amadeu Altafaj walked off the BBC Newsnight programme late on Wednesday night after a eurosceptic columnist with The Daily Telegraph called him an "idiot" four times.

  • Barry M - 2011-09-29 16:34

    This lot should try having an intelligent conversation with our boy Julius!

      Phaedioux - 2011-09-29 18:45

      They would probably treat Jujuzela with kidgloves just for the entertainment value. If they dealt with Jujuzela the way Oborne dealt with that ex Financial Times guy and that spluttering 'expert' from Brussels I would expect Jujuzela to have an apoplectic fit and expire from rage!

  • I_ARE_BABOON - 2011-09-29 16:44

    Bladdy agent.

  • Freddie One - 2011-09-29 17:16

    At least the EU is not claiming that the reporter was wrong!

  • Doublepost - 2011-09-29 17:32 Here's the show, Peter Oborne was brilliant and the idiot from Brussels didn't have the intelligence to make a come back.

      Johan van Zyl - 2011-09-29 18:00

      Absolutely. Peter Osborne may be rude, but he is bloody right and hits the nail on the head. The sooner the eurozone dismantles, the sooner the global economy can start to recover.

      Phaedioux - 2011-09-29 18:38

      I saw the youtube show - WOW! Oborne certainly desn't mince his words! It would be very interesting to watch him during and interview/discussion with some of our current ANC politicians (never mind that definite idiot Malema). I have no doubt though that Oborne is going to be censured for his outbursts - as correct as they may seem?

      Outsider - 2011-09-29 19:15

      I just watched the link. There was nothing brilliant by Peter Osborne. He was just rude and that is not the way to engage in a debate if you want to be taken seriously. There were no facts, he was just nationalist british. I hope his regular columns are better than this, because he was economically and factually wrong. To me it is intriguing as to WHY he became so heated on that (for Britain) rather distant topic of the Eurozone!?

      PyroSA - 2011-09-29 20:55

      There's nothing really said in the clip that substantiates calling him an idiot. I'm sure he would go much further than idiot-calling with some of our local examples of incompetence though.

  • Cire - 2011-09-29 18:13

    No doubt about it - Altafaj IS an idiot!

  • Olavin - 2011-09-29 22:01

    He reminds me of another eurosceptic, Nigel Farage, who bashes the eurozone quite often. Both men who see sense.

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