Argentina set on Falklands clash - UK

2012-02-29 18:23

London - Britain accused Argentina on Wednesday of pursuing a "policy of confrontation" over the disputed Falkland Islands after the country's industry minister called for a block on British imports.

"It is clearly very sad that Argentina continues with their policy of confrontation instead of co-operation," Prime Minister David Cameron's spokesperson told reporters.

"We think that is counter-productive and also a complete misreading of Britain's resolve on this issue.

"The UK is also a major investor in Argentina and we import goods from Argentina. It is not in Argentina's economic interest to put up barriers of this sort."

Argentine Industry Minister Debora Giorgi had urged firms importing British products to buy substitute goods elsewhere, a ministry source said on Tuesday.

Giorgi herself telephoned senior officials of Argentine and multinational importing companies, the source told government agency Telam.

Tensions have been building over the Falklands, which Britain controls but Argentina claims, ahead of the 30th anniversary in April of the start of the war over the islands in the South Atlantic.

  • Emile - 2012-02-29 18:42

    Let the Argentinians just try and invade again. After 10yrs in conflict zones in the middle east, the British armed forces are razor sharp, and would make short work of them!

  • andy.skinner - 2012-02-29 18:53

    Easy option here is to stop giving Argentina aid. They dont need it and to be honest it may be being spent on weapons!! UK granted self determination to the Falklands and Gibralter, that should be the end of it, as it is democratic and lawfull. All this shows is that Argentina are not democratic and will do anything. Sounds just like 1982, when the British Army and Navy had to teach them a lesson. Maybe we should have gone to the mainland. We all have the open papers now that the Belgrano was targetting a French Exocet on Prince Andrew and the British flagship, no matter what was said at the time by the Argentinians

      Warwick - 2012-03-01 09:29

      And kick all the Argintinians plying their trade in English football and rugby out of the country.

  • guy.mullins1 - 2012-02-29 19:12

    Today is a little different to 1982. Britain has no aircraft carriers and no Harrier Jump Jets, having de-commissioned its last carrier some time ago and having sold all of their Harriers to the Marines as spare parts. this skews the balance of power in the remote islands greatly, and that is why Argentina is pushing its luck again right now.

      Ryan - 2012-06-15 13:50

      I agree with you Guy, however, the lack of carriers is the reason given by Kirchner to brainwash the general population. What she doesn't tell her people is that, since 1985, there is absolutely no need for carriers, thanks to a massive RAF base: The next-generation carrier fleet, currently under construction will enable the UK to project military force regardless of distance from home ports/air bases, but this will not be utilised in the Falklands due to the presence of the RAF base. All this wouldn't be necessary were it not for Galtieri playing for political points with the lives of innnocents of both nationalities.

  • Alexander the Great - 2012-02-29 19:21

    UK is a spent force

  • Paul.Grove.ZA - 2012-02-29 19:38

    Lets see. In the Falklands so far is 4 Typhoon fighters and the Air Defence Destroyer HMS Dauntless and her (rumored)escort - a nuclear submarine. Argentina doesn't have a navy worth a damn and between Dauntless and the 4 Eurofighters the UK now controls a sizable chunk of airspace over South America and the Atlantic, from sea level to Low Earth Orbit. No contest.

      Barry - 2012-03-01 06:35

      HMS Dauntless has enough firepower to down the aircraft of all South American air forces combined.

  • somersetmorkel - 2012-02-29 19:57

    Argentina is unrealistic in this case. Why bother? The Falklands are not directly run by Britain and is no threat to Argentina. But when the politicians want to expand their power and influence, their judgment becomes clouded - and they do (as is mostly teh case), stupid things. Argentina will lose a military conflict, but the damage on both sides will not be worth it. The UK is in dire straits with its economy running on low, together with the rest of Europe. It cannot really afford another costly military conflict so far away from home, with so many disadvantages regarding infrastructure for its military means (eg. extremely long supply lines).

      Paul.Grove.ZA - 2012-02-29 20:03

      I can think of 180 billion reasons why Argentina would try to claim the Falklands. That it if the Sea Lion and Loligo oilfields yield according to the current estimates.

  • Carel de Lange - 2012-02-29 20:18

    It is actually quite simple. The former SWA was under SA governance but ruled by locals and Brittain was the chief antagonist to force the country into the criminal hands of SWAPO. So I guess its time to turn the tables and proclaim that Brittain has no claim to the Falklands and should GTFO! Leave the country to the minority of population of the island and proclaim them the legitimate representatives of the Falklands. problem solved!

      Barry - 2012-03-01 07:57

      17 Argentinan intellectuals including prodominant journalists and historians have backed the British government, their own independant research has found no legitimate claim to the Falkland islands. Quite why Argentina claim the Falklands are their's is a little bizarre considering the Islands have never been part of Argentina.

  • Adil Smit - 2012-02-29 20:24

    The Falklands surely belongs with Argentina. Interesting to read that it may have to do with oil.

      Barry - 2012-03-01 06:37

      The Falkland Islands belong to to Falkland Islanders who have lived there for generations and have no intention of speaking Spanish or eating beans.

  • Paul - 2012-03-01 05:55

    Another Exocet missile with a 'Proudly South African' sticker on it will do the job.

      Hugh - 2012-03-01 14:16

      and called the Scorpion, and supplied to Argentina by SA during the Falklands war. Used on all Mirage II and III fighters. Really pissed the Ol Lady off.

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