Ash set to reach Dutch airspace

2011-05-24 15:33

The Hague - Ash spewed out by Iceland's volcano was set to reach northwest Dutch airspace by Tuesday, but flights were unlikely to be affected, the country's air traffic controller said.

"We're expecting the ash cloud above our airspace later this afternoon or in the evening," said Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVLN) spokesperson Marjolein Wenting, adding it would be "in the extreme northwest, above the North Sea".

"Some air traffic to and from Schiphol may see problems tomorrow (Wednesday), but it would be nothing major," she told AFP.

She added: "At the moment there is absolutely no question about the closure of Dutch airspace."

European airlines have cancelled at least 252 flights by Tuesday morning, according to European airline safety organisation Eurocontrol, but the ash cloud from the erupting Grimsvoetn volcano mainly impacted in Scotland, where thousands of passengers are affected.

  • Jakob - 2011-05-24 15:53

    oumama b careful that airplane doesn't fall in the sea. i hear some of the sharks r quiet p*ssed becoz of ur greed for oil and the oil spill off the coast of usa.. n**

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