Aus teens charged after tourist rape

2012-05-04 11:06

Sydney - A 17-year-old Australian will face court on Friday in Alice Springs, Australia where he is charged with sexual assault in the alleged rapes at gunpoint of two German tourists sleeping in their car on an outback highway.

Two other 17-year-old males are in custody over the incident of Wednesday that has outraged the central Australia tourist town.

National broadcaster ABC reported that the two women were aged 21 and 28, and that their alleged attackers were Aboriginals.


"The word from police is that the women weren't badly injured, but they were extremely traumatised," Northern Territory police spokeswoman Gina Wilson said. "They said a lot of information from the public has helped with their investigation."

Police are still looking for the stolen car and the firearm allegedly used by the suspects.

Detective Superintendent Travis Wurst told the ABC that the arrests were good news.

"I know this has been a very difficult time for the community because this is something that Alice Springs is not familiar with," he said. "It's a horrible, horrible crime, particularly for the victims involved, and I know this has had a massive effect on the community."

Alice Springs

Alice Springs, the mid-point in the 3 000km train or road journey from Adelaide to Darwin, has an unofficial curfew on account of the high level of crime and violence that plagues its 50 000 mostly Aboriginal people and the tourists passing through.

The after-dark danger was underlined on Wednesday with police reporting that a 43-year-old German tourist was attacked and robbed near his hotel. A teenager is in custody over that incident, police said.