Australia split over PM's sexism judgment

2012-10-30 12:07

Canberra — A poll shows that Australians appear to be split over Prime Minister Julia Gillard's judgment that her main political rival is sexist.

Gillard's fiery speech to Parliament on 9 October in which she branded opposition leader Tony Abbott a misogynist for a string of allegedly sexist comments has been lauded by feminists around the world.

Abbott apologised last week for suggesting that Gillard's government was inexperienced in family policy — a criticism some saw as a cheap shot at Gillard, who has no children.

A poll by Sydney market researcher Newspoll published on Tuesday in The Australian newspaper found that 45% of respondents said Abbott had behaved in a sexist way toward Gillard recently and 39% said he had not. There was no clear majority view, with 16% of respondents undecided.

How Abbott was judged on the sexism charge closely correlated with how respondents intend to vote at general elections next year.

Of those who said Abbott is sexist, 66% support Gillard's centre-left Labor Party. Of those who said he is not, 76% back his conservative coalition.

The poll was based on a random telephone survey of 1 218 voters nationwide at the weekend. It had a 3 percentage point margin of error.

  • tom.connelly.940 - 2012-10-30 12:25

    Julia Gillard should be judged on one thing and one thing only, her actions since Labor came to power during 2007. Taking everything she has done into account she has been a disgrace and does not deserve the respect of the Australian people because she has never earned our respect. Julia is still the worst prime minister this nation has had to endure and as a nation we will suffer the consequences of her actions for years to come. We still need an election to give us our democratic right to vote for a prime minister of our choice.

  • ravi.kancherla.3 - 2012-10-30 14:24

    Julia's outburst on Abbott was reverse strategy to cover Slipper's sexists/misogynist text messages. Her impulse to be AUSTRALIA'S FIRST WOMAN PRIME MINISTER made her (1) back-stab Kevin Rudd, (2) cheat Australian People on Carbon-Tax to satisfy One Green MP's Agenda/out of 149 MPs, (3) silence Face-Less-Men with Minister Posts, (4) threaten Labor MPs of dire-consequences if revolt? (5) dump Andrew Wilkie Pokies Reforms once Peter Slipper cross-benched/bribed to be Speaker, (6) support Craig Thompson even after prima facie cases against him, (7) fund Craig & Slipper's legal costs to gain their votes, (8) try to silence James Ashby by buying with Tax-Payers Money into out of court settlement to save Slipper. Why? to be AUSTRALIA’S FIRST FEMALE PRIME MINISTER. Reason to knife Kevin, Labor losing popularity. And it went even lower under Julia, and FACE-LESS-MEN now what eunuchs? Reverse hammering Abbott as sexist/misogynist for Alan Jones' comments is the pretext to defend her face on Slipper's sexist/misogynist text messaging. She shields herself behind 'Woman Gender’ to blame others/Abbott. Julia's Integrity and honesty is what I doubt.

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