Australians band together with 'I'll ride with you'

2014-12-15 13:29

Sydney - Amid widespread attention on the hostage situation at a local Sydney cafe, ordinary Australians have taken to social media to defend the rights of ordinary Muslims with the trending #illridewithyou.

An Australian native named Rachael Jacobs encountered a woman, presumably Muslim, wearing a hijab (scarf) on a local train shortly after the news dropped of a gunman taking hostages at a Lindt cafe in Martin Place, Sydney.

The woman seemed, according to Rachael, isolated and fearful, and started to remove her scarf on the train for fear of retaliation for the gunman’s actions, which included displaying an Islamic flag in the cafe window.

Rachael, though, had other ideas, and had tweeted her encounter on social media:


(Rachael Jacobs, Twitter)

The kind gesture sparked a trending topic which is now currently trending worldwide on Twitter, as Australians band together in solidarity following a trying day for the country.

Check out some of these tweets below under the trending topic #illridewithyou:

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