Baby dead 'for a day' as mom chats on net

2012-06-29 16:17

Tokyo - A woman whose baby boy lay dead for nearly a day while she chatted on internet forums has been arrested in Japan, media and police said on Friday.

Yumiko Takahashi knew that 19-month-old Neo was running a high fever when she checked on him on the afternoon of 24 June last year but left him lying on his bed untended, police said.

A post mortem examination revealed Neo had died at around 14:00 on 26 June, police said. His mother found his lifeless body the following morning, newspaper reports said.

Takahashi, aged 29, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of child neglect and causing death, a spokesperson for police in Otsu, western Japan said on Friday, adding that the lag had been due to officers "carrying out the necessary investigations".

Takahashi, whose first child died a few days after birth and who lost another son in a fall from an apartment balcony, told police she had been using chatrooms, media reported.

"I have sought solace in chatting on the internet to get connected to other people for three years since I got depressed for losing my son in an accident," broadcaster NHK quoted her as saying.

"Child raising is too much hassle."

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-06-29 16:36

    Hang her.

      Janice - 2012-06-30 09:52

      Leave her without food or water till she dies!!! Nice and slow!

  • marcelle.joubertdurandt - 2012-06-29 16:44

    "Child raising is too much hassle." Mmmmmm, so I will go on procreating and then find various ways to "off" them, so they will not be too much hassle .... WTF????????

  • Lunga - 2012-06-29 16:52

    Michael Jackson said: "If you can't feed your baby, then don't have a baby."

      jody.beggs - 2012-06-29 17:15

      MJ quote! Classic. damn the man.

      antin.herinck - 2012-06-29 23:53

      Hope that MJ was not thinking like that when he held his baby over the balcony's railing.

      lskosana3 - 2012-06-30 16:28

      The baby didn't starve to death Lunga, what are you on about?

  • samgaf - 2012-06-29 17:37

    DO Children pay for the sins of their parents???

  • Dawn Campbell Gibson - 2012-06-29 17:41

    Sick BItch! any legal punishment is too good for her!

  • jeffrey.jones.357 - 2012-06-29 18:01

    Seeing the accompanying picture of a jail cell it appears that she has escaped already.

  • CoronaSherona - 2012-06-30 01:34

    Put in her in a jail cell and starve her to death. Slowly. She deserves nothing less.

  • stanley.marries - 2012-06-30 09:44

    hang her!

  • freda.coetzee - 2012-06-30 10:42

    You are all commenting on news 24 all day .....where is your family??? Might just be a lesson here???

  • Leah - 2012-06-30 11:38

    I smell a rat; 3 dead babies in a row?!?!

  • ndeshimelanie - 2012-06-30 18:50

    God took his little one back because He knew His little one was suffering right here on earth.. Wonder where the father was?

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