Baby survives fall from 7th floor

2012-04-15 17:28

Istanbul - A two-year-old baby sustained no major injuries when she tumbled out of a seventh floor apartment in eastern Turkey, apparently saved by a lucky landing in snow, Anatolia news agency said on Sunday.

The unsupervised baby girl fell from the balcony of her family's seventh floor apartment but suffered no significant injuries when she soft-landed on a pile of snow that slid from the roof.

Doctors at a Mus city hospital where the toddler was rushed said "there is nothing to worry about for now" but that she would be kept in hospital care for a few more days for observation, the agency said.

The baby's mother, occupied in the kitchen when the incident happened, said she was shocked when neighbours brought her home after the fall.

  • Soon - 2012-04-15 20:16

    super girl

  • radlegend - 2012-04-17 10:31

    Stupid parents or whoever was supposed to be supervising her. THEY should be jailed for negligence and charged with attempted homicide. HOW ON EARTH DOES A BABY "fall" from a seventh floor balcony?? Why put the child anywhere NEAR the balcony??? Thank God the child survived. Now the parents should be thrown from the same window.

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