Belgian arch: No divorcee teachers

2011-10-12 14:24

Brussels - Belgium's outspoken Roman Catholic Church leader, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, stirred the beginnings of a fresh controversy on Wednesday after recommending divorcees not be allowed to teach children.

Never one to mince words, Leonard stated in the October issue of church magazine "Pastoralia" that divorcees did not have a place in Catholic schools.

"For those who remarry after a divorce, it is preferable not to be a religious teacher or the head of a school," he said.

"It's outrageous," said the head of the Catholic headmaster and headmistresses board, Jean-Pierre Merveille.

"Legislation guarantees a clear distinction between private and public life," he told the national Belga news agency.

An official at the Catholic education secretariat (Segec), Conrad Van de Werve, said the recommendation would be tantamount to discrimination and a parents' group also weighed in to criticise the archbishop.

"A person must meet the legal requirements to be hired," in the Catholic education system, with no private criteria taken into account, said the head of the Catholic schools parents' federation, Ufapec, Pierre-Paul Boulanger.

The archbishop, a conservative close to Pope Benedict XVI, is no stranger to controversy.

Late last year he faced accusations of homophobia and calls to resign for saying that Aids was justly deserved. He also said that elderly priests who abused children should be spared.

  • RealInfo - 2011-10-12 14:30

    Neither should pedophiles, so shut it old man!

      Matt :-) - 2011-10-12 14:37

      Agreed. But it's clear what this archbishop is like - read the very last sentence of the article

      zaatheist - 2011-10-12 16:02

      Anther criminal religious fraudster and kiddie fiddler peddling gobbledygook to impress his flock of exceptionally gullible sheeple.

      Matt :-) - 2011-10-12 16:08

      Agreed ZA, but careful about making analogies with sheep, Mr Welshman ;-) Good luck btw with the semi-final

  • BoerinBeton - 2011-10-12 14:36

    Dont understand: Divorcees cant teach children but the roman catholic sect can sodomize altar boys??Doesn't make sense!!! Idiot

  • Pencilgraffiti - 2011-10-12 14:53

    After all this and more truths surfacing everyday... I do not understand how they hold their positions, why so little criminal action has been taken and more importantly why catholics all over the world has not condemned the elite of the catholic church. If there is a hell and they're not in it when i die then i surely would not want to go to heaven...

  • Freelance Writer - 2011-10-12 14:53

    And Roman Catholic priests shouldn't be allowed near children.

      daaivark - 2011-10-12 15:06

      Not ALL priests are deviants, Freelance. I know some who are pretty saintly.

      Matt :-) - 2011-10-12 15:55

      How can they be saintly? RCC teaching clearly says that to be a saint, you have to die, then perform 3 miracles from beyond the grave. If they were indeed saintly, then by RCC's own definition they'd have to be dead... What a pity they didn't read Ephesians 2:19: "Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;" - IE accept Jesus, get saved and you'll be a saint.

  • zaatheist - 2011-10-12 16:04

    Just the ramblings of another morally bankrupt leader of an organized crime family.

  • BlackBlood - 2011-10-12 17:07

    At first I was all like "Stupid Catholic paedophile, how dare he" But then I read the rest of the like, article. It like totally says in there that he is talking about, like, catholic schools. So I thought like "I don't care if they insist that only non-divorced people sodomise catholic kids."

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