Berlusconi protest - topless women jailed

2011-02-21 19:39

Kiev - Two women from a Ukrainian rights group who stripped off their clothes last week to protest Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's alleged sexual misconduct were sentenced on Monday to brief jail terms, a representative of the group said.

A Kiev city judged ordered Evhenia Krayzman and Oleksandra Shevchenko imprisoned for one and two days respectively for going topless during a Valentine's Day demonstration next to the Italian embassy in Kiev.

Both women are members of the activist group Femen, who are notorious for removing their clothes in public to draw attention to their causes.

Femen supports equal rights for women, a ban on sex tourism, and market reforms.

"We will not leave this lawlessness (by Ukrainian judicial authorities) go unanswered," said Femen leader Anna Hutsol.

"We will continue to speak out against illegality."

Krayzman, Shevchenko and six other Femen activists accused Berlusconi of having paid Moroccan go-go dancer Karima El Mahroug for sex.

She was 17-years-old when the allegations first surfaced.

A wide-reaching Italian scandal over Berlusconi's alleged misbehaviour has received close attention in Ukraine, where women frequently complain of disrespect and harassment by men.

  • MrT - 2011-02-22 08:34

    Pictures or it didn't happen

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