Boeing belly lands in Warsaw

2011-11-01 18:18

Warsaw - A Boeing 767 from Newark, New Jersey, carrying 231 people on board made an emergency landing in Warsaw on Tuesday after its landing gear failed to open.

None of the passengers aboard the flight were injured, said Leszek Chorzewski, the spokesperson for LOT, the Polish airline that operated the flight.

The pilots discovered a problem with the chassis ahead of landing and circled above the airport for about one hour before landing the plane on its belly without its wheels, said Przemyslaw Przybylski, a spokesperson for the Warsaw airport.

A fire brigade laid out special material with fire-fighting substances for the plane to land on. After landing, small fires erupted under the plane but were immediately put out by firefighters.

Passengers could be seen rushing out of the plane. They were then taken to a medical centre to be examined by doctors, Przybylski said.

The airport has been closed until 08:00 on Wednesday.

Poland's President Bronislaw Komorowski congratulated and thanked the pilot, Captain Tadeusz Wrona, and the rest of the crew for their successful landing.

  • E - 2011-11-01 18:36

    Give those pilots a Bells! (while off duty, of course...) And good work to all the people on the ground too. Nice to see some good news.

      Ralph - 2011-11-01 22:16

      Nyet! You give wodka. Nostrovia!! Incidently this a miss-pronunciation of Russian word Na Zdorovie (?? ????????) which is traditionally used as a common toast meaning To good ...

      MagdaKus - 2011-11-03 06:32

      E- in Polish that's very similar- Na zdrowie! (to a foreigner pronounced the same as the Russian- though there's a slight difference)

  • Winsome - 2011-11-01 19:17

    This could have been a lot worse - thank heaven for a good pilot and crew!

  • Clive.D.Buckley - 2011-11-01 19:45

    This actually gives you confidence in modern aviation technology and pilot training... actually just show how safe these planes actually really are

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