Bomb blast rips through Oslo govt buildings

2011-07-22 17:33

Oslo - A powerful bomb blast rocked government and media buildings in Norway's capital Oslo on Friday, causing "deaths and injuries" and dealing heavy damage, police said.

Police said a bomb was behind the explosion and Norwegian media reported that at least two people died.

"A powerful explosion has taken place in the government quarter," Norwegian police said in a statement.

"Police can confirm there were deaths and injuries following the explosion in the government quarter this afternoon," police added later.

Images on Norwegian television showed the prime minister's office and other buildings heavily damaged, sidewalks covered in broken glass and smoke rising from the area.

Prime minister safe

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was reported to have not been in his office at the time of the blast.

Police had sealed off the area, which houses the offices of the prime minister, the finance ministry and the country's biggest tabloid newspaper Verdens Gang (VG).

Two cabinet ministers told AFP that Stoltenberg had been scheduled to be visiting areas far outside Oslo on Friday.

News agency NTB also reported that Stoltenberg was "safe".

Witnesses said the damage was extensive and that injured victims could be seen.

Covered in blood

"I see that some windows of the VG building and the government headquarters have been broken. Some people covered with blood are lying in the street," a journalist with public radio NRK said from the scene.

"There is glass everywhere. It is total chaos. The windows of all the surrounding buildings have been blown out," said NRK journalist Ingunn Andersen.

The radio reported that the explosion seemed to happen near the finance ministry, which is near the Norwegian prime minister's office and the VG editorial offices.

Photos posted on the NRK website also showed shattered glass in front of the devastated facade of the VG building, soldiers closing off the area and people surrounding someone apparently injured in the blast.


It was not immediately known who was behind the bombing, but Norway's intelligence police agency (PST) said in February that Islamic extremism was a major threat to the country.

Islamic extremism is "our main priority and our main concern," PST chief Janne Kristiansen said at the time, while presenting the agency's annual risk assessment report.

The report said: "Although few people in Norway support Islamic extremism, there are activities within some groups that could contribute to heightening the security risk in 2011."

Nato member Norway, which counts some 500 troops in Afghanistan, has never suffered an attack at home by Islamic extremists.

Foiled attack

However, police last year arrested three Muslim men based in Norway suspected of planning an attack using explosives in the Scandinavian country.

Norwegian prosecutors earlier this month also filed a terrorism charge against Mullah Krekar, founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam, who was accused of threatening a politician with death over his potential deportation from the country.

Krekar had warned that "Norway will pay a heavy price" if he were deported.

Norwegian F-16 fighter jets are also participating in air strikes in Libya, though the country has said it will withdraw its forces from the Libya operations on August 1.

The Norwegian military said in May that it had been the victim of a serious cyber attack at the end of March on the day after its jets for the first time carried out bombings in Libya.

Neighbouring Sweden was targeted in a suicide bombing last December when Taimour Abdulwahab, a 29-year-old whose family fled from Iraq to Sweden in 1991, blew up himself and his car in a deserted side street off of Stockholm's busiest pedestrian thoroughfare, injuring two people.

  • 106SA - 2011-07-22 17:56

    ...and Malema

  • Frankly_Every1 - 2011-07-22 18:03

    Amazing how Mandela could do this and he gets a Nobel Peace Prize.

      Frankly_Every1 - 2011-07-22 18:15

      LOL A bomb is a bomb is a bomb dear GonnyVonYuri. Killing of innocent citizens is unforgivable no matter what the "cause" Talking of brainwashing lets talk about how the ANC tortured people into following them and supporting them back then. Pull your head out of your ass and wake up.

  • Humang - 2011-07-22 18:10

    what a great world it would be without the evil sons of satan-well there time will come

      Boesman - 2011-07-22 18:21

      Totally agree! As long as you're referring to the "Synagogue of Satan" ;)

      pierreedge - 2011-07-22 18:25

      interesting, each time something like that happens, our friends the jews like dimitri point their nose (i didn't say hook...) maybe boesman is on the right track...

  • Jeffrey Jones - 2011-07-22 18:16

    Maybe it's not the Muslims, it could be the Methodists or Lutherans.

      Jamesons - 2011-07-22 18:37

      Or indiana Jones

      jen - 2011-07-22 21:38

      Someone once said: Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims. While I support freedom of religion and all that, I will rather burn in hell than belong to such a self rightious religion like these crazy people. Apology to my Muslim buddies who are well aware of my feelings about extremists groups (of all kinds). To do such evil deeds in a country that adopted you is beyond belief.

      Boesman - 2011-07-23 19:36

      @Jen: terrorism was invented by the Zionists. And, no, you won't learn this in school history books...

  • Dmitri - 2011-07-22 18:22 Two blogs worth visiting

      Navyseal - 2011-07-22 18:37

      I pray for you to take the veil from your eyes and see the truth

      Boesman - 2011-07-23 19:52

      "Gates of Vienna" and the myriad other anti-Muslim blogs is one small part of a complex story. Now concentrate, here is a condensed version: for over a century jewish/zionist conspiracists have, by virtue of their monopoly over money creation, been able to coerce (blackmail, bribe, etc) the European and American governments to allow unbridled immigration. This has served to create the potential for conflict within previously homogenous nations, which potential is now being relentlessly exploited - GoV q.v. The zionists are cowards, and would rather set Christian against Muslim and sit back with their roasted camel dung popcorn to watch the show. At the very least google and read "The protocols of the elders of zion". Yes, it's been denounced as a "forgery" (by you-know-who and their sayanim), but please go look up the definition of the word "forgery" - it means a fraudulent copy of an ORIGINAL work. But, even if you don't believe that the document can be proven to be what it is claimed to be, or even a copy/forgery of the original, then all you have to do is this: read it and compare it to the world we're living in - you will see that even if this document is a complete fabrication, it is still so scarily accurate in describing the current state of the world that we would be well advised to heed as warning the remaining few objectives therein described which have not yet been achieved...

  • rumsour - 2011-07-22 18:32

    Shit Happens

  • Jamesons - 2011-07-22 18:35

    cant these Islamic extremist do the same to luthuli house.

  • tdk25 - 2011-07-22 18:50

    One word: Gadhaffi

  • Hannah - 2011-07-22 19:06

    Right you are Muslims again... why do the people of Europe not kick these Muslims out and of Europe istead of letting them kill innocent lives... let them go and kill themselves as they do in their own country not in one of our most advanced social democratic countries of our world !!! They are attacking the west from the top down and no one seems to realise this at all.

      pierreedge - 2011-07-22 19:11

      As long as you realize that.... what about the muslims in our country, South Africa??? Since you are into realizations, you do realize here that with your stupid racist ignorant comment you are antagonizing a certain portion of our fellow compatriots??? Guess not.

      SA_Mizdat - 2011-07-22 19:32

      Piereedge - what on earth are realizations? LOL! Do you mean generalizations? Earth to Pierre: Not all Muslims are terrs, but most terrs are Muslims. Not that I've got too much sympathy for especially the Scandinavians. They after all were big supporters of our own terrorist scum, the Azanian Native Cancer that infests our society with its cancerous presence to this day.

      pierreedge - 2011-07-22 19:39

      English not your first language??? realization noun 1. awareness, understanding, recognition, perception, imagination, consciousness, grasp, appreciation, conception, comprehension, apprehension, cognizance There is a growing realization that things cannot go on like this for much longer. 2. achievement, carrying-out, completion, accomplishment, fulfilment, consummation, effectuation the realization of his worst fears

      Phaedioux - 2011-07-22 19:53

      @Pierreedge, are you a Muslim? If so, are you the moderate, gentle and peaceful type, or are you one of those vicous militant activist types who think nothing of killing countless innocent civilians? If not, why are you so protective of them?

      TamaraSays - 2011-07-22 19:54

      Actually, Pierreedge, not to nitpick, but your 'realization' is the US english spelling. Here in SA, and most of the rest of the English speaking world, we use the Queen's English, which would make that 'realisation.'

      TamaraSays - 2011-07-22 19:56

      Actually, Pierreedge, not to nitpick, but your 'realization' is the US english spelling. Here in SA, and most of the rest of the English speaking world, we use the Queen's English, which would make that 'realisation.'

      pierreedge - 2011-07-22 20:12

      I am not particularly protective but i dont like injustice, bigotry, racism or any kind of hatred. I would have been as vocal in the 30s to protect the jews against the nazi monsters I was, and is, still vocal to defend the black fellows against the apartheid monsters or those racists who are nostalgic of that era I am involved with defending the right of tibetans against the repression of china I dont like communist ideas and today, as it seems the world chose to attack and point fingers to the muslims, i defend them, i mean just in this articles comments, people used insults like towel head, camel shaggers and other niceties like that. And to top it all, i support women against caveman macho mentality that still prevail and gay rights If you think anybody who defends a group is one of them, then i must be a black tibetan muslim buddhist jewish capitalist gay woman, how does that sound... Bottom line: Say no to racism!

      cerveza - 2011-07-22 20:27

      @SA Mizdat - Yeah the Scandinavians are famous for supporting anti-appartheid organasations like the ANC, they also supported the Boers during the Anglo-Boer war. Maybe you should think more and generalise less, it takes more effort, but most good things in life do

      Phaedioux - 2011-07-22 20:39

      @Pierreedge - it would seem we think very similarly, but we behave differently. You are an adversarial confrontist whether you have determined your adversary's strengths or not. Anybody who dares to challenge you, or makes a grammatical error is pounced on and deemed to be stupid. Sounds a tad egocentric to me, but then, it takes all kinds of fruitcakes to make this world what it is. Go well - and try not to pounce - gentle open questions leading to debate will usually do the trick.

      Zayna - 2011-07-23 18:44

      Muslims again Hannah? you are an islamophobe and a racist. It will be a great thing if you get booted out of South Africa back to where you came from or your fore-fathers came from. im sure Israel too will welcome you

      pierreedge - 2011-07-25 12:01

      No Pheadioux, i have no problem with any intelligent challenging of my opinions, and i welcome that. BUT when someone like this idiot hannah says the tons of mind bogglings stupidities that she managed to condense in just 4 lines, smoke comes out of my ears. Again, Some people cant stand others, the cold, the heat,i cant stand stupidity. By the way, i hope everybody here who quickly misjudged had a large helping of humble pie and offers their apologies to the hundreds of millions of muslims around the world they acused quickly...

  • FFS - 2011-07-22 19:31

    How the wheel turns. For many years Norway supported the ANC and other terror organizations while they bombed South Africans. Karma is a b!tch.

  • Phaedioux - 2011-07-22 19:49

    Contrary to what @Pierreedge may say or think, if it transpires that a Muslim militant group owns up to this explosion, I sincerely hope that they are caught and dealt with very severely. If it turns out that the Libyans were behind this event, I hope that Nato bombs the bejeezus out of Tripoli and Gaddafi. If it turns out that the Palestinians are behind this, I am sure Israel will sort them out good and proper. However, if it transpires that a little frail old lady who had a grudge against the tabloid was responsible, I sincrely hope that they treat her kindly, get to the bottom of her problems and sanction her appropriately.

      pierreedge - 2011-07-22 20:00

      Well that's more sensible now, you see, but i would mitigate a bit. if it transpires that a Muslim militant group owns up to this explosion, I sincerely hope that they are caught and dealt with very severely. >>>Absolutely in agreement If it turns out that the Libyans were behind this event, I hope that Nato bombs the bejeezus out of Tripoli and Gaddafi. >>>>Bit more tricky here, the nato bombings exceeded the UN mandate which was imposing a no fly zone and protecting the civilians. When nato bombed government building, this could be assimilated to a declaration of war againt libya who in return would have retaliated. It's tricky i dont have a definite opinion if that's the scenario If it turns out that the Palestinians are behind this, I am sure Israel will sort them out good and proper. >>>>What if it turns out it's the isrealis behind that, let's hope the palestinians sort them out good and proper i guess Now you forget many other's who have been bombed in the past decades who could have a grudge.... In any case, nothing is ever black or white, those kind of things are always a lot more complicated than they seem

      Phaedioux - 2011-07-22 20:17

      @Pierreedge - Ah.... I see that you are also pedantic and like to correct postings where you deem the spellings or understanding of certain words is incorrect. Are you a boffin on semantics too? As for what is transpiring in Libya it is Nato's responsibility and is not for you or I to attempt to call the shots. As for whether, in Oslo, it is Israel, I personally don't believe so because their history indicates that they have only ever been adversarial towards despots, zealots and other people threatening their legitimate sovereignty or citizens (i.e. Uganda under Amin when they freed the hostages). As for identifying who is and who isn't stupid, what do you use as a benchmark? I personally am very tolerant of anything except bullying, bigotry and unnecessary pedantism. What do you think? It is good to see you have toned down somewhat. I asked above if you were/are a Muslim?

  • Jms1967 - 2011-07-22 21:29

    Ha..ha..ha! This is the usual nonsense that is used to brainwash Islamic converts from remain loyal to a faith. These are rootless people with no indigenous culture or faith and will believe anything that their mullah and madrassa with tell them!

      The huntchback - 2011-07-22 21:41

      what a fool you are!

      Phaedioux - 2011-07-22 22:00

      I know many very well educated and peaceful Muslims of both the Shi'ite and Sunni followers of the faith and know that they are appalled by the actions of the radical militants who are what you suggest. At a guess, they seem to feel that only about 5% of their faith are the radicals - sounds similar to SA's political problems when you start counting the number of cadres and 'elite' in the ANC. But, nevertheless, these radicals are certainly causing a lot of chaos and suffering throughout the world. How does anybody identify and counter them?

  • Valkery - 2011-07-22 23:15

    Sceince flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings.

  • Datbrotherfromthestates - 2011-07-23 01:15


  • TonyRSA - 2011-07-23 11:14

    Amazing how people can carry on! The point here is that innocent people have been affected as well. For that I say hang the bomber by his genitals in a public square no matter who he is or what his religeous or political beliefs are.

  • Louis - 2011-07-23 14:04

    could be what is called a false flag

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