Boston girl gets Tucson victim's organs

2011-01-16 22:37

Boston - The father of the youngest victim of the Tucson massacre says some of her organs have been donated to a young girl in the Boston area.

John Green tells The Boston Globe in Sunday's edition that he received a phone call about the transplant, but says he doesn't know any other details about the donation.

He says the call "really lifted" his spirit and says he and his wife are proud parents once again of their daughter, "who has done another amazing thing".

The 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green was born on September 11 2001.

She had just been elected to her Tucson school's student council, which is why she went to see Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was critically wounded in the attack that left six dead.

  • reshiwani - 2011-01-17 14:11

    Wow! Born on 9/11 and was 9 years old when she died in 2011! What a coincidence!

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