Boy Scouts failed to report abuser

2011-10-29 23:21

Los Angeles - Confidential records show Boy Scout officials in the US and Canada not only failed to stop an admitted child molester in its ranks, but sometimes helped cover his tracks.

A Los Angeles Times and Canadian Broadcasting Corp investigation finds scout leader Rick Turley molested at least 15 children, most of whom he met through American and Canadian Scouting beginning in the 1970s.

Records show Boy Scouts of America officials didn't call police after he admitted molesting three boys.

Turley then returned to his home country of Canada, where he signed on with Scouts Canada, and continued his abuses for at least a decade.

Now 58, Turley said he is surprised at how often he got away with it.

Turley is one of more than 5 000 suspected child molesters named in confidential files kept by the Boy Scouts of America.

  • Angela - 2011-10-30 08:14

    Disgusting. Puts Boy Scouts in a very bad light. Those involved in the coverup should be prosecuted as well. They're just as guilty.

      Fred - 2011-10-30 16:34

      I can point out that the Boy Scouts of America, unlike the Scouts in the rest of the World, is very much a Christian religious indoctrination organisation that spreads hatred of non-Christians and gay people. Like so many religious organisations it provides a safe haven for child rapists.

  • larkforsure - 2011-10-30 08:15

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